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Marine Culture

Marine Culture utilizes desert land, saltwater, sunlight, minerals and enormous amounts of carbon dioxide to produce phytoplankton. National Aquaculture Group is developing a commercially viable business, which can contribute significantly to society by providing food and nutrition and, as a positive side effect, possibly help mitigate climate change.

Technology: Technology to cultivate from strain to product is completely developed in-house by a very small team of algae experts, who have over 20 yrs of experience in shrimp hatchery engineering, operations and management.
Marine Culture produces Carotenoids from "Dunaliella Salina" native of Red Sea for human and animal nutrition and "Nannochloropsis gaditana" a non-native strain, adapted to the environment of high saline; high temperature of Saudi Arabia is cultivated in raceways, envisioned to develop next to a power plant.
Marine Culture also conducts active research with "Ulva species" native of Red Sea, to co-culture with shrimp, technology is tested and ready for active commercialization to assist the shrimp farms through a bioremediation process, shrimp graze on Ulva species and reduce FCR, Ulva has antibacterial and antiviral compounds, complementing the shrimp's natural disease resistance.

Processing Plant

  • National Aquaculture Group Processing Plant capacity up to 140 MT per day of Shrimp and up to 50 MT of Fish in two shifts 5 days per week.
  • Modern, highly automated facilities.
  • Semi individually frozen (SIQF), Block frozen, Brine and IQF.
  • Frozen goods in cold store at -23°C (3,850 tons ).
  • Sushi like Quality Production (Certified partner).
  • Technology: Innova Software for throughput / yield control / traceability.


  • Power plant (41.6 MW)
  • Pump station and water plants (lift up 154.5 m³/s)
  • Central kitchen & cafeteria with 5,000+ meals / day
  • Security teams
  • School, Cultural, Recreation, Social Centers incl. Polyclinic
  • National Aquaculture Group Processing

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