Vertical Integration Company

Shrimp Business Unit

  • 16 farms with 511 open inland ponds.
  • Average pond size is 10ha. (Semi closed system).
  • Total water spread area approximately 4,177ha / 65 km of coastline.
  • Technical capacity about 35,000 MT annually (120-140 MT / day). Up to six harvest points / night
  • Harvest is taken to the processing plant within a maximum of 4 hours and will be in the cold store within 7 hours.

Fish Business Unit

  • Circular Cage Culture: 3 circular Sea cage farms consisting of 14 to 24 cages each.
  • Each farm has a capacity of 6,500 MT of fish production per year.
  • Each farm is controlled from a feed barge giving 24/7 supervision and control of the production process.
  • Sea cages farms supported by state of the art shore based hatcheries and pre grow-out facilities.
  • Circular Cage Culture. Water based production and support systems
    • Allows use of remote sites
    • Allows uniformity between sites
  • Land based only “home port”
  • Coast guard and staff live on site
  • Use of technology to minimize costs
  • System to be chosen to optimize efficiencies
  • Feeding and control center on site

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