A leader in Desert Coastal Aquaculture

Covering an area of approximately 250sq km on the Red Sea Coast in Saudi Arabia the privately owned, National Aquaculture Group (NAQUA) is among the largest, fully integrated shrimp farms in the world. The 16 farms for shrimp and 3 circular cage farms for fish consisting of 14 to 20 cages each. Each farm has the capacity of 4,500MT of fish production are fed directly from the pristine, crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. Sustainability is an integral part of National Aquaculture Group’s commitment to its customers, employees and shareholders. Every aspect of production from hatchery to pond to plate is monitored and traceable.

Located 180kms south of the Saudi Arabia's commercial centre, Jeddah, and close to the ancient port town of Al Laith, National Aquaculture Group’s about 2,500 employees produce red sea shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei), red sea fish (Lates Calcarifer or Barramundi) and other Marine products for sale in Saudi Arabia and around the world. Every aspect of National Aquaculture Group's production is based on sustainability and traceability. National Aquaculture Group has a policy of low-density stocking and partial harvests to prevent overcrowding. An extensive Biosecurity program is maintained at all times with daily sampling of various elements from National Aquaculture Group’s scientists in the Quality & Sustainability Department.

National Aquaculture Group emerged from a research project in 1982 with commitment, dedication and a blend of science, art and practical intelligence, National Aquaculture Group is proud to have developed such a significant business, which it hopes will contribute to the wider diversification of the Saudi economy through the growth of the Aquaculture Industry in the Saudi Arabia. More than that, National Aquaculture Group is committed to maintaining and developing its operations to the general benefit of Saudi society economically, socially and environmentally.

"Company Registration" Number: 4030144914

Other tips:

  • National Aquaculture Group has changed its legal status to Closed Joint Stock Company
  • Founder member of Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA)
  • Leading member of Saudi Aquaculture Society (SAS)

Our Values:

Underpinning everything that we do is our commitment to key values

  • Preserving our environment
  • Research and development
  • Highest quality products
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Welfare, support and development of local talent, skills, and capabilities
  • Maintenance of high level Biosecurity



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