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30 Sep 2015

Ministry of Health (MOH) Workshop 2015

For the FIRST year we attended the workshop in Makkah organized by the Ministry of Health. The purpose of the workshop was to get our company closer to the MOH nutrition department.


For us, being at the showroom gave us the opportunity to engage and talk to the MOH’s specialists on nutrition, quality control and to catering companies such as Al Hana and Mnarat.


The MOH manages almost 266 hospitals and 35,000 beds. After hard work and long negotiations, the sales team achieved to supply them with our Red Sea Barramundi fresh fillets.


Mr. Khalid Al Adhali, together with Sohail Elberim, Ahmad Bahri and Mohammed Al Sabbagh represented and introduced Naqua on the second day of the workshop. The company’s project arose great interest and expectation.


National Aquaculture Group was honored with the supportive supplier award by the Ministry of Health whose spokesman and representative, the directory of Health and Safety, Mr. Omar Al Bitar stated:


“National Aquculture Group (NAQUA) is a major player for improving our services as part of the MOH nutrition department”