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22 Jan 2015

National Aquaculture Group (NAQUA) Proves Analytical Capabilities by 100% Compliance to Global Proficiency Testing

Central Analytical Service (CAS) of National Aquaculture Group (NAQUA) Saudi Arabia has been successful with a 100% compliance to a Global Proficiency Testing. NAQUA entered into this competition to assess and prove its analytical capabilities and competencies against the international standards. This success highlights that company’s analytical skills are meeting the standards of any international scientific lab within its scope.


Mr. Atique Rehman – Head of Central Analytical Services shared; “ this success needed a tremendous amount of base work by our central lab’s team. We started a strategic journey in early 2013 with a vision to bring our competencies to a level of a regional reference lab for aquaculture and seafood industry. Our technical staff worked hard to make this dream come true”


A sum of 32 parameters were evaluated against professional labs in different countries under the LGC United Kingdom which is an Int’l reference lab established since 1842 and FERA - Food & Environment Research Agency United Kingdom. Company took part in this program under the following categories;

  1. Food Microbiology
  2. Food Chemistry
  3. Feed Chemistry
  4. Water Chemistry

This program determines the performance of individual laboratories for specific tests and methods. The reference lab send the pre-tested samples to all the participating labs; and analyzes the results to its pre-set standards based on statistical rules for acceptance. This program is important in strategic planning from corporate perspective and day to day, sample by sample confidence, capability & competence management within analytical labs.


Mr. Nasir Hameed, Director for Corporate Quality & Sustainability said; “ I dedicate this success to our team of high caliber professionals providing reliable testing services within our businesses covering all legal and regulatory aspects. This success paves the path for us towards the ISO-17025 compliance as a strategic target our group”.