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Corporate Quality & Sustainability

The concepts of corporate quality and sustainability are embedded in NAQUA's identity, culture, and business operations.


To become the world's leading Aquaculturer by adopting a sustainable business model that provides best-in-class products from farm to family, in full respect of the environment.


To provide consumers with aquaculture products of unrivalled quality by centering our operations around customer needs and market demand; believing and empowering local talents; following best production, food safety and environmentally-friendly practices; ensuring total compliance with local and global regulatory standards; and applying efficient quality management systems.



      Quality Management Systems & Food Safety Control

      • We assure the quality of the entire supply chain, from farm to family
      • We implement our own globally-approved Quality Management and Food Safety Systems
      • We adopt a robust Internal Auditing Risk-based Program to ensure a solid foundation for
        continuous improvement
      • We run a highly effective Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) Program
      • We strictly comply with customer specifications and governmental regulations
      • We foster a Food Safety culture using codex-based programs
      • We have ample technical resources and implement document control procedures


      Environment Protection Management

      •  We focus on the preservation and protection of the environment in our daily operations, business culture, and communication
      •  We hold the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification since 2007
      •  We maintain 100% compliance with local PME Regulations and global EPM Standards
      •  We keep a vigilant eye on our operations and monitor/analyze over 7,000 environment-specific parameters per year
      •  We ask for EIA studies by a third party to cover all on-land and off-shore operations
      •  We efficiently manage environmental risks and opportunities


      Compliance, Accreditations & Certifications

      Our quest for sustainability, uncompromised quality, and total customer satisfaction is more than just a promise; it's a tangible reality that we perpetuate on a daily basis. Today, NAQUA prides on:


      •   Holding the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification since 2003
      •   Holding the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Certification since 2010
      •   Holding the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System Certification
      •   Holding the HACCP Codex Certification since 2003
      •   Holding an EU Export Certification from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority since 2005
      •   Holding the GlobalG.A.P. Certification for Integrated Farm Assurance (Whiteleg Shrimp, Barramundi Fish) since 2015
      •   Holding the GlobalG.A.P. Certification for Compound Feed Manufacturing since 2015
      •   Having a 100% Halal-certified shrimp, fish and feed production since 2020
      •   Being 100% compliant with GCC and KSA governmental regulations
      •   Being approved by the SFDA, the MEWA, the SASO and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
      •   Being approved as an Aquaculture Processing and Export Establishment to China by GACA since 2018
      •   Being approved as an Aquaculture Processing and Export Establishment by the European Union (EU)
      •   Being a leading member of Saudi Aquaculture Society (SAS)
      •   Being a GAA - Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) 4 Star Certified Shrimp Facility since 2014
      •   Being a GAA - Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) 4 Star Certified Barramundi Fish Facility since 2014
      •   NAQUA Certified for ASC Farm & CoC Certification for P. vannamei shrimp since Year 2022
      •   NAQUA Certified for Saudi GAP certification for Shrimp & Fish products
      •   NAQUA Certified for SAMAQ quality certification for Shrimp & Barramundi fish products

      Biosecurity Department

      Biosecurity Department

      At NAQUA, we adopt a strategic approach to biosecurity. The latter helps us define our aquaculture production framework and enables us to sustain a predictable and profitable business.

      Our biosecurity relies on the following pillar components:

      -       Upkeeping our broodstock's optimal health status

      To ensure our broodstock's best health conditions until preserved in ponds and cages, we maintain strict exclusion strategies and stimulate general immune parameters prior to their release to the farms. As a result, our shrimp postlarvae and juvenile fish are Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) and Specific Pathogen Tolerant (SPT).


      -       Adopting a rigorous surveillance program

      We use wet mount, PCR and histology to validate our stocks' health condition and detect possible diseases at an early stage.Our surveillance program is run by a state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory and highly qualified staff members who are available around the clock to support production teams. 

      NAQUA's biosecurity plans are specific to the facility, culture stage and species. They are regularly updated to minimize any risk of infection in case of new emerging pathogens. 

      Research & Development

      At NAQUA, we are constantly innovating to perfect our products. Whether by adopting state-of-the-art technologies, conducting ongoing studies and research, or developing new product specimen for testing and commercialization, we are passionate about bringing our industry to new heights and exceeding our markets' expectations.


      • Applied Research

      -    We've conducted shrimp and fish feed trials to improve their composition while opting for organic ingredients that result in effective and functional feeds

      -    We run a breeding program in parallel to our marine tilapia and barramundi projects

      -    We use probiotics to control organic matter accumulation at the bottom of our ponds

      -    We use probiotics to reduce Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) by increasing feed digestibility and absorption


      • Innovation

      In association with Taqnia Energy and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), we succeeded in applying the macro nanobubble technology to increase oxygen levels in intensive stocking systems.


      • Development/ Commercialization 

         Sea cucumbers

      After 10 years of thorough research on the Holothuria Scabra species of sea cucumbers found in the Red Sea, we now have the technology to develop and commercialize the project by launching a pilot operation to validate its economic viability.

      -    Chitosan

      We have successfully completed the setup and process standardization of the Chitosan plant which is capable of processing 6 tons of shrimp heads per day to produce 120 kg of high-quality Chitosan.

      -    Marine Agriculture

      NAQUA is currently standardizing its Micro and Macro Algae production and developing its mass production technology.